Adoption Experiences

Sandip Soparrkar

Internationally recognised choreographer and single adoptive parent

I am very thankful to Ms. Kalro and her team at Bal Anand for believing in my dream of adoption and making it a reality. It took years of perseverance in face of uncertainty, fighting my right to adopt even as a single male, and then multiple visits to many orphanages till I came to Bal Anand.

Family Avasak

We adopted a child despite having a biological one; we were firm on this several years ago even when we were dating. When our daughter Rutuja was two-and-a-half years old, we started sensitizing her towards an adoptive sibling. At the time our neighbour had a baby and Rutuja started asking us to get a baby home too.

Family Mahadik

We are adoptive parents of a lovely beautiful girl, Swara who has brought a new meaning to our lives. She has given us a purpose beyond all purposes – of raising her, shaping her views, moulding her to become an extraordinary woman we can be proud of. In doing that, we find ourselves growing too; each day, each hour, each minute that we spend with her.

Family Anand Kumar

Adoption was always a part of our agenda even if we could have a biological child. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and we plunged into adoption. That decision changed our lives forever. We clearly remember the day we were shown Shreya’s photograph – sleeping soundly in a crib. We fell in love with her picture and knew that very moment that we wanted her.

Family Britto

We got married on December 29th, 1998 and started a new life. As all new couples, we had many dreams of what our married life would be and looked forward with excitement to enlarging our family. Each new day that dawned brought hope into our life but days and months passed by and yet the Lord had not blessed us with a child.