Family Avasak

We adopted a child despite having a biological one; we were firm on this several years ago even when we were dating. When our daughter Rutuja was two-and-a-half years old, we started sensitizing her towards an adoptive sibling. At the time our neighbour had a baby and Rutuja started asking us to get a baby home too. We used this opportunity to assess her reactions towards adoption. We explained to her that her sibling would come from an orphanage. We had to gently tell her to be aware of the many surprises that may come her way from kids about not being related to her sibling by blood. Once we were convinced she understood the situation, we went ahead.

Avasak FamilyThe most grueling task however was picking an adoption agency. We picked Bal Anand. Rohit (then two and-a-half) was simply the first child Bal Anand introduced to us, and we went for him. We believe one doesn’t choose one’s biological child so we saw no reason to do that with Rohit.

To help Rohit adjust to us, we visited him regularly at Bal Anand for 10 months. Despite this, the first two months post adoption were difficult especially to get him to break his old schedule and adapt to the new one.

Today we are a happy growing family with 2 wonderful children and a glorious future ahead of us.

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