Family Britto

We got married on December 29th, 1998 and started a new life. As all new couples, we had many dreams of what our married life would be and looked forward with excitement to enlarging our family. Each new day that dawned brought hope into our life but days and months passed by and yet the Lord had not blessed us with a child. We were very disappointed but we expected God’s plan, and knew He had better days in store for us.

Britto FamilyWe decided to reach out to other children – each of us, in our capacity as a teacher and engineer. This phase in our life brought us tremendous joy because we were now able to share our love and feelings with children in our neighbourhood and at our place of work. Then God planted a seed in
our minds and it soon grew into a reality. We decided to adopt a baby.

On returning to India from Saudi Arabia, we approached a number of institutions and applied for a baby girl. We had to face a lot of red tapism, but after a year of running around, we found Bal Anand. Finally that special day arrived!

Here, I would like to quote psalm 139 that says: “All the days ordained for us were written in God’s book before one of them came to be.”

It was on May 9th, 2006, that we took our little girl home with great joy and expectations. Lisa has completed our family. She is a gift from God and we are very thankful that God chose us and gave us this fantastic opportunity. She is a miracle that has happened in our lives, and we are very glad we made the decision to adopt her. She has filled the lives of her parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and neighbors with a lot of joy. We love her very much and want her to be a blessing to others as she grows.

We are celebrating life in its new perspective and enjoying a lot.

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