What We Do


Adoption is our main programme whereby children without a family can get a permanent home for their lifelong future same as biological children do.

Worldchildren Welfare Trust India came into existence on 22nd February 1984, with the objective to establish residential homes to receive orphaned, abandoned, relinquished destitute children 0-6 years of age and rehabilitate them by way of zz, for Right to a Family is the birthright of each and every child.

But some children have lost this birthright due to the harsh realities of their lives and society. For them adoption is the best option. Towards achieving this goal, the first residential Childrens’ Home, Bal Anand, was set up in 1984, followed by Bal Ashraya, Nagpur in 1987 and Bal Uday, Bhandara in 1995.

Through these three Centres, we have placed almost 2000 children in loving, caring families. Bal Anand which completes 25 years of dedicated service to children is itself responsible for over 1300 adoptions and the mission continues.

Temporary Shelter

This is one of the ongoing activities of Bal Anand and aims to look after children brought to us by the police or Children Welfare Committee (CWC). These are children who are victims of circumstance with no one to take care of them. Their situations can be the death, imprisonment or illness of a parent or parents, desertion of the child, or even just a lost child found by the police. These children are provided shelter and care at Bal Anand till they are reunited with their families, as happens generally. In rare cases when the child cannot be restored to their family, the child is declared free for adoption by the CWC after due enquiries.

Community Services

Health Camps
We have been organizing free health camps for the last five years for the Ghatla village community, where Bal Anand is located. It is our way of showing our concern and respect for the community which has sheltered us for the past five years. The health camps are specific and/or general health check-up camps for families.